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South Florida homes are especially vulnerable to the blackening of roofs, and while painting or pressure cleaning may aleviate the symptoms, they don't address the root problem.

The unslightly discoloration of your roof is primarily due to a specific form of algae growth that can be safely removed and effectively controlled to prevent future staining caused by the algae growth. Traditional cleaning methods typically involve chlorine bleach or pressure cleaning performed by untrained individuals walking on your roof, which has been known to cause unnecessary extensive damage to the roof. In addition, these methods yield results that typically last only 6-12 months applying Roof-Aide to your existing roof system will keep your roof clean approximately 2+ years. Many homeowners in Florida now expect to replace their roofs after 12-15 years rather than 25-30 simply because of the damage caused by repeated cleaning.

Lyons Roofing, Inc. uses Roof-Aid, an eco-friendly roof stain prevention product that protects roofs from algae, fungi, mold, and other airborne invaders.

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